Photography · Thursday Doors

In the Pink



Couldn’t resist this sweet pink and white building in Musella, GA. I think it is used for storage.

Photography · Thursday Doors


We spent a few days in Harrisburg, Pa – the state capital. I was finally able to get some door pictures for Thursday Doors. In fact, I think I have enough for several weeks!

Here are some of the doors I saw as we walked around downtown.



Photography · Thursday Doors


Clayton was the home of the Henry Clay Frick family from 1882-1905. Frick was founder of the H. C. Frick & Company, a coke manufacturing company and was chairman of the Carnegie Steel Company.

Located near Pittsburgh, PA, the 22 room mansion and grounds are open to visitors. Unfortunately, no photos are allowed to be taken inside, and renovations were being done on the outside when I was there so my photos are of the back of the house and the kitchen door.

This is the greenhouse on the property.


I was on a tour and barely managed to get these photos without lagging behind too much.

The Frick Art Museum is also on this property. The Frick’s were well know for their art collections

Photography · Thursday Doors

Pairi Daiza

Some pictures from Pairi Daiza, a privately owned zoo and botanical garden in Brugelette, Belgium.
The nautical looking door leads to their aquarium. Each area of the zoo has the architecture, and even the music, from the region of the world appropriate to the animals housed there.
Even the garbage cans are sculptures. And who wouldn’t like pulling the kids around in one of those orange wagons they provide?



Photography · Thursday Doors

Red Church Doors

This church was originally a First Baptist Church. Ever since that congregation built a new church, outside of town, it has belonged to a number of different denominations and along the way was becoming rather rundown. Whichever group owns it now seems to be giving this old building some TLC. The doors look like they have been freshly painted. I took this in the Fall. I should drive by sometime to see what other improvements have been made.